Is Eszett similar to other language schools?

We know that the name of our school is kind of tricky: Eszett. Many people spell it wrong. Sometimes they write Eszet, other times Ezsett, Etzett or even Ezzett. The origin of Eszett is the German letter Eszett (ß), which is the equivalent of a double ‘s’. Eszett’s worldwide headquarters are in Germany (Wolfsburg).

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Best Professional Memory - Eszett's CEO

What is your best professional memory/moment this year?

On 1st January 2016, as the CEO of an international company with a small workforce, instead of enjoying a relaxing start to a new year, I was putting out fires in Eszett Business Language Services, attempting to solve every single issue that arose within marketing, sales, accounting, finance, operations and administration, across all time zones, seven days a week. This could not continue: a CEO that is too occupied with the daily tasks of an organization is left with insufficient time for strategic development.

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Cultivating a Polyglot

The landscape of my garden of languages was designed during early childhood. The focal fountain, from which I would forever be nurtured, loved & comforted by, is Spanish. As the language of my heritage, it stood to reason that it be the one at the center of my jardín.

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Article for YP40 Mobility column

Is Language Training really needed for Expats? Who was better integrated: Mick, who did not take Turkey language lessons in Istanbul, or Clemencia, who took Portuguese language lessons in Rio de Janeiro?

An expatriate is defined as a person temporarily or permanently residing as an immigrant, in a country other than that of their citizenship

The actual origin of languages is still unknown, despite very precise studies for many years. However, today there are approximately 6,500 languages spoken in the world. Language and culture is what separates us from our primates, making it such an important part of our lives.

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My mantra - “The other person” needs

My mantra, which applies both in business and in my personal life, is to constantly think about what the person in front of me thinks and what their needs and desires are. Listening attentively to all information provided at all times is essential to helping me make decisions in life.

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Virtual School

With increasing globalization and the increasingly frequent use of technology in daily life, virtual schools are gaining ground and they are emerging as a great learning option.

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Languages.... so interesting and mysterious... always have been for me

I am one of those 'language nerds' who could do the grammar or vocabulary exercises just to kill time. Somehow, I always knew I would study languages but wasn't sure which one exactly for some time.

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How do I become fluent in English?

How can I speak English fluently? An answer to this question comes from information processing theory. This theory says that language learning is a skill like any other.

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From the UK, a España, en France

Since the age of 16, I have been travelling to Spain alone to visit my (now) husband and his family. I am British native, and was notoriously disastrous with languages at this time, just about getting by in Spanish at school, understanding ‘chicle en la basura’ more than anything else.

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A Brief History of the Letter Eszett

The “Eszett” (sz) is one of the letters of the Latin alphabet that officially has no capital form and is never used to begin a word. It is used in Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg; however, not in Switzerland nor in Liechentstein, where German is also an official language.

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Technology Gap in the Relocation Sector

This article analyses the way RMCs and DSPs utilize technology to get updated and update their customers from the field in real time, when providing destination services. Many relocation companies may declare that they already provide all the details in real time, but do they take advantage of the technology? Do they use applications to report from the field? After discussing with many senior managers of different RMCs and DSPs around the globe, I came to the conclusion that the relocation sector is behind other sectors in terms of utilization of technology.

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