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International Language School

Eszett Business Language Services is an International Language School with headquarters in Wolfsburg (Germany).

We provide face-to-face lessons (in-company language training or in-home language training), online language lessons (virtually through our virtual classroom platform). We have other language training and intercultural-cultural training services as well, such as self-paced language training, tutoring for children (including language training for children), translations/interpreting services, and cross-cultural training

Eszett operates worldwide in 5 continents and teaches more than 30 languages, which including:

Our network of trainers exceeds 100.000 qualified language trainers that are located all around the globe. Eszett’s language trainers are fully qualified and experienced native or bilingual teachers. The methodology and materials are completely adapted to each student's needs. 


International Language School-Eszett


THE ESZETT TEAM – A team without limits

With many years of experience in education, we have created an international network of native and multilingual teachers, consultants, intercultural trainers and translators. They are all from renowned and experienced institutions who are highly motivated and certified specialists in their field. All of our professionals have a university degree and have been tested in their abilities.

International Language School Services

An International service means for Eszett:

  • A central point of contact and coordination point
  • A central billing center able to deal with different currencies 
  • Extensive range of services available in all countries
  • Multilingual support 24/7 for a quick, smooth answer to customer's or student's needs (Eszett's employees speak the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Tagalo, Greek, Polish, Russian and Serbian)
  • Knowledge about any social aspects of the countries concerned
  • Standard service in all countries and with the same processes
  • Same teaching methodology (but adaptable to the language and student's needs)
  • Similar teacher's profile (experience, capabilities and qualifications) regardless on the language and country
  • Unique access to platform
  • Global reports with same key indicators
  • Same student's feedback format
  • Global escalation process
  • Central change management process to modify process and/or services and apply the changes globally

Why Eszett?

When first beginning to work with us, we train our new members and always offer guidance, as well, throughout their time with us. Our objective is to provide fast, reliable, comprehensive, and high-quality service.

As a professional international language school, we have pedagogues that guide our teachers with methodology, materials, and day-to-day activities.

We see ourselves as a flexible company, adapted to regional, as well as global needs. We operate in accordance with our beliefs:

“It doesn't matter when, where or how - we are always at your side.”


Through initial discussions, we will analyze your needs and together, find the best solution for your personal and/or professional goals.

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