My mantra - “The other person” needs

My mantra, which applies both in business and in my personal life, is to constantly think about what the person in front of me thinks and what their needs and desires are. Listening attentively to all information provided at all times is essential to helping me make decisions in life.

Inigo Lopez In business this is very helpful when you are negotiating. At the end of the day, when Eszett sells its language services, it is not only about providing a service to the end customer (the student), but it is about helping the Relocation Management Company (RMC) or Destination Service Provider (DSP) to succeed, and ultimately to the RMC/DSP’s employee who is hiring our services.

When I qualify a potential new customer or project, I always wonder to myself what the drivers for the hiring person are: is it pricing? Is it how our processes are done? Is it about how we provide feedback about the status of the language lessons? It is about being transparent about potential issues? Is it about speed in providing qualified trainers or answering any requests? The answers to these questions are often different from one company to another. Therefore, our operations team is fully equipped to rapidly adapt itself and to be very flexible in order to fulfill any wishes of the RMC/DSP and the final customer.

In personal life, I strongly believe that helping others to reach their goals is extremely positive, even if in some occasions the short-term result is not as productive initially for ourselves. My recommendation would be to listen closely and be prepared to ask the key questions to be able to, at any time, understand the expectations of the person in front of you.

Inigo Lopez

Eszett CEO

Article published on Mobility Magazine of Worldwide ERC

Image: © Inigo Lopez


Eszett Manager

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