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With increasing globalization and the increasingly frequent use of technology in daily life, virtual language schools are gaining ground and they are emerging as a great online language learning option.


What are virtual language schools and what are their advantages and disadvantages?


Virtual schools are environments in which courses, exercises and interactive content are offered completely in online form, so that students can access this material at any time and from anywhere. The main advantage of virtual schools is that they allow their students to learn without leaving home, making it a great tool for people who do not have the time to attend a school classroom. Therefore, their only disadvantage is the fact that students need to have enough discipline to study on their own, without the continued help of a teacher.

Are there virtual schools in Brazil? What courses are currently being offered?

The main virtual school in Brazil is EVESP,which since 2011 provides a very complete and well thought out virtual learning platform, this being the reason why the school has won several awards at the Learning Performance Award.

Among the courses offered by EVESP there are language courses such as English and Spanish and also especially designed courses for students with visual and hearing disabilities. All content taught is supervised by the Coordinator of Basic Education Management (CGEB), in order to maintain a high level of quality of the students courses.In the case of EVESP, the courses are completely free and can be performed by any student who complete their enrolment in the program's blog. To start making one of the courses, students are accompanied by tutors or teachers who can answer possible questions as they arise.

Are virtual schools an educational trend that is increasingly existent in the future?

According to the experts, probably yes. In recent years, technological advances have made it possible that people interact in virtual and online form and, for the schools, it could not be different. In the near future, there will be an increasing number of virtual schools, able to spread the knowledge to a greater number of people who will only need a computer, tablet or smartphone to have access to an abundance of information and educational content.


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