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What is your best professional memory/moment this year?

On 1st January 2016, as the CEO of an international company with a small workforce, instead of enjoying a relaxing start to a new year, I was putting out fires in Eszett Business Language Services, attempting to solve every single issue that arose within marketing, sales, accounting, finance, operations and administration, across all time zones, seven days a week. This could not continue: a CEO that is too occupied with the daily tasks of an organization is left with insufficient time for strategic development.



A decision was made: the operations team needed to be auto sufficient, globalised and available seven days a week. New recruits joined Eszett; young, qualified, intelligent and creative individuals, based in different locations and across different time zones.


So then what? Inductions, training, training and more training. This year I have spent a lot of my time training employees, one-to-one and group training, to teach them the methodology, the procedures, the market and our culture. The results came a few months later. Today Eszett is proud to be a Global company, operating in more than thirty countries and with physical presence in five.


What is now left for me? As the operations run smoothly now, and a back seat can be taken in managing Eszett’s employees, I have time to concentrate on more vital tasks, such as closing new strategic partnerships, financial matters and defining the short and long-term strategic goals and objectives of Eszett.


Lesson learnt: an effective induction and thorough training dramatically increases the efficiency, productivity and motivation of employees – leaving more time for the CEO. The best professional memory this year was a day I was sick in bed and could smile, confident that my team around the world was entirely capable of managing whatever the day gave them.


Inigo Lopez


Eszett Business Language Services


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Eszett Manager

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