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Hi there. My name is Vicky Dosis and I was born and raised in New York City to a Greek family. I fell in love with a Greek man from Greece who did his PhD in the UK who later landed a job in the Western Suburbs of Paris. Fast forward to seven years and three kids later, I didn’t know how to put a simple sentence together in French and when people spoke to me I had no idea what they were saying. I had to do something about it.


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As I was on the Moms English Speaking West of Paris group I saw on add for Eszett Learning Services where all levels were being offered. I wrote to them and had an immediate response. I started A1 French classes in the Fall. I registered for the 12 courses, 90 minutes once a week. I had a wonderful teacher named Christine, and our group consisted of four girls.


The Eszett's platform was easy and efficient. If the teacher needed to write something she would use the whiteboard and vice versa. I looked forward to this class every Monday morning. While sipping my coffee, I got to communicate in French and learn the French culture.



The teacher made us repeat phrases, words, and role play using dialogues. Some simple homework was given to keep us on track too. I had also a one-on-one class with Christine where we got to review things from the classes and I got to ask her questions I had been meaning to ask her.


After this course was completed, I was more comfortable to go shopping, to have a simple conversation with other moms at the school and finally understand what people were saying to me. Things have finally started to make more sense around here.


I really enjoyed taking classes with Eszett and will recommend them to anyone looking to improve their foreign language. Its affordable, the teacher is amazing, and the whole course is well structured. I can’t wait for the course to be continued this January.



Images: © Vicky Arvanitis Dosis



Eszett Manager

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