From the UK, a España, en France

Since the age of 16, I have been travelling to Spain alone to visit my (now) husband and his family. I am British native, and was notoriously disastrous with languages at this time, just about getting by in Spanish at school, understanding ‘chicle en la basura’ more than anything else.

Being so young and only being able to tell people my name, and how many brothers I have, did not fill me with confidence travelling alone in Spain. Due to my husband’s profession, we found ourselves in a new location every 8 months – which made relationships of confidence difficult. With time, patience and overcoming the fear of making mistakes, I found myself living comfortably in Spain, conversing with others without a second thought.

The need to learn a new language was apparent to me, so I joined Eszett’s team in April 2016 believing avidly in the services we offer.

In August 2017, I moved once more to France for my husband’s profession, and the anxiety of leaving my comfort zone, conversing with others, travelling alone, answering the phone, and so much more came back! A feeling, I did not anticipate nearly 15 years after initially moving to a new county.

Now, with every word of French I learn, can understand, and speak, diminishes my uncertainty. The true extent of learning a new language and culture is now deeply rooted in me, and I find myself even more passionate about the services we offer, helping others to overcome the same feelings I have experienced.

Image: © Jessica Land


Eszett Manager

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