Online German Lessons - My Personal Experience (It is EASY)

While most people find German to be difficult. For me, it was easy and quick. Read more about my experience.

Relocating to Germany and the need for online German Lessons

In a time of turbulent uncertainties and one disappointment after another I found myself in lockdown in Germany with little to no knowledge of or access to reliable online language classes.

Choosing the right School for Online German Lessons

Eszett‘s online service is convenient in many ways (can do them remotely) but the professionalism and reliability of their platform is transformative, progressive and perfect for the current nature of online learning - especially in COVID times.

The platform itself is a literal online classroom kitted with digital whiteboard and a share screen function for the teacher - who can then pull up his/her teaching materials and further resources.


 My Online German Teacher

Our teacher, Eni from Eszett, is knowledgable, sweet natured and very supportive.

  • She is always willing to explain concepts in a way that we will understand (my class has French, Italian and English native speakers and she appears to have understanding of how all are structured). 
  • Because of the lag in time between my last course and the one I started with Eszett, I had lost a bit of my grammatical foundation but Eni was able to get me on track with ease. 
  • We are able to enrol in a schedule that suits us best and the class sizes are comfortable which means that there is no awkwardness when someone has a question to ask.
  • The homework load is not so bad and the pace at which we go is the right kind of challenge. 
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Eszett Manager

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