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Team building skills are extremely important both inside and outside of the classroom. They are also of key value later in life when you find yourself in a work environment. Focusing more on the present, however, there are a number of reasons why you should start building and investing in teamwork. Here, then, are a couple that will probably resonate.


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1- Inner satisfaction

There’s no better reward than feeling satisfied with something you have achieved or, even better, in helping someone else achieve their own goals. That may sound a bit egotistic, but working as part of a team can be a win-win situation. Helping someone and making them feel better about themselves can be rewarding.


2- Work smarter, not harder

Working in a team can go both ways; you give and receive. Your team members can help you see a problem from a different angle and reach a solution. For example, each member in the team may contribute a particular set of skills needed for a project at hand that other members may not have fully developed or refined.


3- Become a valued member of your community:

Team building may very well start in the classroom, but you will never forget what it offers once you are beyond it. It enables you to contribute to your community when you are still at school and can foster a team spirit throughout your life.


4- Discover your talents

Joining a team can help you discover any hidden talents you may have as others around you may bring out the best in you. In school life, for instance, joining a sports team can be a good idea as you will learn fair play, cooperation, and sportsmanship.


5- Learn to respect others' boundaries

Members in a team, more often than not, have clear responsibilities. Collaborating on a team level does not necessarily mean that everyone will focus on one aspect of the project at hand; rather, it means that everyone will have designated aspects to work on and do so to the best of their unique abilities without overstepping another member’s boundaries.

There is a valuable lesson here: be respectful of someone else’s abilities and allow them space to develop their talents, which, within a team, complement yours.


The bottom line is, in a team you should always offer your help when needed. Friendships and partnerships are built this way, and you will never be on your own – as someone in your team will always have your back.


At Eszett, our tutors work with students throughout the school year in and out of the classroom.  We specialise and offer the Virtual Language Classroom.  A virtual classroom is a platform which allows teachers and students to interact in real time, similar to a real classroom, except for the fact that teacher and student are communicating over the internet.


Eszett has developed its own virtual language classroom platform to deliver virtual instructor-led lessons in a fully professional, secure and GDPR-compliant way.

 If you’re looking to improve your understanding of a foreign language outside of the classroom, contact us today for more information on our virtual language classroom.


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