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Our experience and research has shown that one of the main reasons relocation programs do not succeed is because the adaptation of the family is unsuccessful. In the USA alone 30% of relocation programs fail due to this particular problem. We have established several ways to avoid this. In Eszett, we believe that fast and successful relocation and adaptation to a new environment involves the whole family. Not only the family member who is relocated has to adapt, but also, and very often more so, their spouse/partner and children, too.

The obligation of Relocation Management Companies (RMC) and Destination Service Providers (DSP) is to make the expatriation a success in every sense of the word, covering all aspects that may arise. However, the RMCs and DSPs, often do not consider tutoring part of their own portfolio. We believe this is an omission. If the family of the employee has problems adapting, this employee cannot provide to their full potential at work, which is the most significant reason for their relocation. This is why we believe that the ultimate duty of everyone involved in the relocation process is the success of the expatriate program.

Learning the local language is the easiest and the most important part of feeling 'at home' and living as comfortably as possible in a new country. That is why it is important to organize language lessons for every member of the family. Often, children learn faster than parents if exposed to local language at school. This is also a reason both parents should learn the language as well.


For children, a very different approach in the tutoring or language training is taken. We require our trainers to have specific experience with teaching children, and materials are selected based on the age and existing knowledge of the language.

Parents are asked to be present (not in the room, but at home), both for safety and in case the child needs some kind of additional learning support due to their age. We request that the parents sign a form saying that they will be present at home during the training.

Even though children learn faster than adults and may not have a problem with the language itself, their adaptation is usually the hardest part of the relocation program. School curriculums differ in each country and even the levels in international schools are often not the same. This is something our tutors and pedagogues can help you with. In order to adapt better to the new school and possibly different curriculum and reach the required level, it can be useful for a child to have a tutor for other subjects, too. Some common needs of tutoring for children are: mathematics in English, improving the comprehension in their mother tongue, writing in both languages, etc.

On the other hand, academic support is important not only within relocation programs but, generally. It can be difficult to manage homework assignments. Many parents work full-time and unfortunately do not have enough time to sit with their children and effectively help them with their homework. These tutoring sessions guarantee that you will have more flexibility with your time and your child will learn with professional support. Through our academic support, students will learn to assume greater responsibility for their studies. They will gain confidence in their own abilities and will learn to develop their potential.

We offer academic support in the following subjects:

Mathematics, Geometric Design, Physics, Chemistry, Writing/Composition, Literature, History, Geography, Biology, Science, German, English, Spanish and French.

Tutoring sessions are conducted one-on-one or in groups if needed (up to four students) in the home of the student. Whether your child needs regular lessons or just a little help before an exam, we are there for you. We also offer a possibility of tutoring in a child's mother tongue if needed and preferred.

Since Eszett was founded, tutoring has been one of our main services, both for local children and for children of expatriates. Eszett provides a pedagogue who would be in permanent touch with the student and/or his/her parents in order to detect the specific needs of each student at any moment. We know every parent wants the best for their child, and Eszett tutoring programs deliver. Our tutors help your child overcome any frustrations school may cause. The modern, technological and motivational teaching methods, undivided attention, interactive and interesting lessons will help any child acquire necessary study skills and achieve the best results.

Specific content for spouses

For the spouses of the expatriates, Eszett offers different programs based on the spouse’s Goals and Objectives. Popular requests include:

  • Preparation for interviews/coaching to find a job locally
  • In-school group training
  • Day-to-day activities
  • Preparation for official certificates
  • In some cases, the desired target language is not the local language authorized (we would seek approval from client in the case of a request for a language change)


Eszett's policy is to provide an appropriate teacher in a very short period of time. We are ready to meet all additional needs our clients may have regarding the time, place, method or duration of classes.

Our teachers are professionals, with appropriate degrees or native speakers with wide experience in teaching. They are flexible to work at hours and location requested by the student. If you need to cancel your lesson due to trip or any other reason, you can agree with your teacher to postpone the lesson, without any problem. Our teachers are trained to adapt lessons to students' needs and provide different methodology for each student (tailored courses). They work with children, teenagers and adults.

We offer face-to-face lessons, which gives the opportunity to both student and teacher to get to know each other better and therefore make the language learning process more enjoyable and successful. Whether our clients wish to learn or improve their German, English, Spanish, French, Russian or any other language, we stand readily at their disposal. We provide both pre-departure and arrival programs, so that our clients can prepare for the big change. We hope to make your language lessons the best start of a wonderful adventure, you are going to experience through your relocation. 

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