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How to study German?

Germany, with its 83 million inhabits, enjoys the third largest economy in the world and represents the most populous European nation. In addition to being spoken by German natives, German is also an official language in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein and is one of the official languages of the European Union.

Below are some of the ways in which Eszett can help you achieve fluency in this widely-spoken language.

Get one-on-one classes for speaking

Concentrated learning with a native German tutor will ensure you learn a vast amount of material quickly. Regular German conversation practice will get you used to spontaneously listening to and speaking the language.

Eszett will establish your individual learning goals from the beginning. In this way, you can track your progress against your objectives. Moreover, Eszett organises lessons around your schedule, whilst at the same time making sure that German language training becomes a regular habit.

Attend group online or face-to-face classes

It is understandably daunting to try and learn a second language. Eszett’s friendly and enthusiastic teachers will make lessons fun and engaging, but you may feel less pressure if you learn with others. Equally, group lessons closely mimic the kind of scenarios where you will likely end up using the language, such as trying to make friends in a new place after you have relocated, conducting business meetings and getting to know international colleagues or clients.

Master German grammar

Experts in grammar, Eszett teachers will teach you everything you need to know, giving you the building blocks to express a wide range of meanings.

German grammar has a reputation for being hard, but the reality is that once you have learned the rules, you will be able to communicate with ease. The different cases even allow you to communicate more clearly and efficiently. Furthermore, no one learns without making mistakes, and you will be understood, even if you do not get the grammar perfect every time.

Explore German culture

Through television, radio, blogs, books and a whole host of other resources which Eszett will share with you and incorporate into lessons, you can learn more about the people, history and traditions of the German-speaking world.  

Learn vocabulary

Eszett German lessons include the best proven methods for committing vocabulary to memory. For instance, lessons may involve learning vocabulary in meaningful chunks, or the use of mnemonics. 

Which German level should I sign up for?

It is challenging to assess our own language capabilities. Eszett offers a free placement test to establish your German level.

You may also want to explore with Eszett whether online or in-person lessons are better suited your needs. Face-to-face language training is helps maintain focus and gives a more human connection. Virtual classrooms allow for more flexibility and are particularly preferred by those wanting to fit lessons into their normal working day.

Eszett gives German classes for all ages and abilities. Eszett teachers understand that learning a new language can be challenging, but everyone has to start somewhere. Advanced lessons are provided for those looking to perfect their knowledge.

As both English and German belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, German is an easy language to pick up for English speakers as both languages share the same structure and a significant amount of vocabulary.  

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