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The importance of taking English classes

Why learning English is so important?

English is a global language

Once the language of the sprawling British Empire where it was claimed the sun never set, English is the most widely spoken language in the world if you count both non-native and native speakers. While the imperial past might be complicated, today English is the language of more positive advancements. English speaking countries (notably the United States and the United Kingdom) feature amongst the top five strongest economies in the world. Thus, to get ahead today in business, knowing English is essential and knowledge of the language will likely be a requirement stipulated by your employer.

English is the language of the internet and academia

As a universal language, English also features in many areas of innovation, both scientific and technological. Most of the scientific research around the world is published in English and many universities around the world offer programmes in English to appeal to an international student base. English is also the language of the world wide web; over half of the content on the internet is written in English and some of the largest tech companies are based in English-speaking countries.

Learning English will make you friends

The official language of 53 countries, and used as a lingua franca (a mutually known language), English will allow you to communicate with the whole world.

You can travel anywhere

If you are a Russian that needs to ask directions in Thailand, you will likely find that your interlocutor does not know how to speak your language. English can be resorted to when you experience difficulties abroad, or even when you simply want to request your favourite coffee order and are unsure how.

How to improve your English

Have conversations

With Eszett, you will learn English with native English speakers. Experts in the many intricacies of the language, they will be able to help you understand why we use the present continuous to talk about the future, or what exactly is a phrasal verb. Interacting with a native speaker ensures you speak in the target language as much as possible and hear the best possible pronunciation. With Eszett’s online language courses, English conversation practice has never been easier.

Start a vocabulary book

Did you know that English has the largest number of words? You will soon discover ways of referring to a concept you never before had a word for. Using a vocabulary book, you can begin to make note of the new vocabulary you are acquiring in your Eszett English lessons.

Enjoy yourself while you learn

Stress does not encourage language learning, but rather hinders it. Eszett, which uses a wide range of resource and media via its interactive online classroom, ensures that lessons are fun and adapted to individual interests.

Practice makes perfect

While intensive English courses serve a purpose, English is best learnt regularly and in concentrated by short lessons. Like any skill, the more your practice the language, the greater your progress will be. The language of the media industry, English can easily be practiced by watching TV series and films, or listening to music.

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