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What is the best way to learn Korean?

Learn the Hangul

Hangul is the name for the Korean alphabet. Used since 15th century A.D, during the Joseon Dynasty, the alphabet consists of fourteen consonants and ten vowels. It is said to be the most scientific alphabet in the world since it reflects every human sound and, as a result, is deemed easy to learn. Once you have mastered Hangul, you will quickly be able to read texts in Korean, which will help significantly with your Korean language learning outside of the lessons with your teacher.

Listen to K-Pop

Korean pop music is popular all over the world. Being able to not only sing along to the lyrics, but understand them, would certainly be an impressive achievement. The catchy nature of the songs, such as those performed by the famous pop band BTS, allow the words and phrases used to be more easily remembered.  

Learn vocabulary

It can be frustrating when you are learning a new language and the words you need in a precise moment do not come to mind, rendering it impossible to get your meaning across. Setting yourself goals to learn vocabulary regularly will help you overcome this problem.  


While learning Korean words is essential, Korean is also has many loanwords borrowed from English. Being able to communicate is therefore possible even when relying on words you have learnt from English.

Why Korean is an important language

Access to 75 million people worldwide

Far from being a language confined to a small community, Korean is spoken by a significantly large number of people. Whether you are looking to explore business opportunities in Korea, or make new friends, knowing the language will introduce you to large numbers of people.

Visit Korea

Seoul, South Korea’s capital city and the nation’s largest metropolis, is a cosmopolitan, dynamic place. Known as the city of palaces, five ancient imperial sites are located there. Korea is also known for fantastic food and hot summer weather.  

Technological Advancements

Technological giant Samsung originated from South Korea and the success of the company has no doubt contributed to the country’s continued economic growth. Considered one of the most innovative countries, the South Korean economy is one of the strongest in Asia and is predicted to be amongst the top eight economies of the world by 2032.

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