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What is the best way to learn French quickly?

Eszett, which has a wealth of experience teaching languages from children to adults, has designed French courses to ensure you attain fluency in a short space of time, whether you are learning for business or fun.

Below are a some of the strategies which are incorporated into our French lessons:

  • Through one-to-one language lessons, Eszett adapts language learning based on your specific requirements.
  • Group sessions are perfect if you are learning a language as a social activity, or if you learn languages better by being part of a team.
  • Eszett establishes a learning routine which revolves around studying French frequently, but in short bursts.
  • French lessons with Eszett are conducted by native speakers, ensuring you are learning the best pronunciation and grammar. Moreover, having French lessons with a native speaker will expose you to idioms, slang and authentic insight into another culture. The target language is used in the lessons as much as possible.
  • Constant repetition so that grammar and vocabulary is committed to memory.
  • Using a rich library of resources (including newspapers, books, French learning website, videos and podcasts) French lessons with Eszett are interesting and relevant.

Everyone’s learning is different, however, so Eszett will work with you to find your best learning style.

Are online lessons better than in-person lessons?

  • With the advent of new technology, and with more remote working styles becoming the norm, digital learning is on the rise. Online classes via Eszett’s bespoke virtual classroom allow for interactive lessons using a wide range of media, including videos, articles, virtual whiteboards and more.
  • In-person classes can be more beneficial for those wanting to learn through a more conversational approach and for those wanting to reduce screen-time. Some also find that in-person classes form a better relationship with the teacher.

Which French course should I choose?

Eszett gives French lessons for a wide range of purposes. Offering language lessons to expats and their families, managers, business owners and more, lessons are designed around individual needs. A language placement test is also available free of charge if you would like your French level to be assessed.

Get in touch with Eszett to discuss the best options for you.

Why learn French?

With more than 300 million speakers, and as the second most widely spoken language after English, French is a highly useful language to learn. As France boasts one of the world’s most successful economies, being fluent in French is an enormous asset if you are looking to enter into the international job market. A romance language, learning French allows you to easily acquire other European languages, such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Equally, having heavily influenced English, learning French can even improve your English vocabulary.

Often considered the language of love, French is equally known as the international language of cooking, fashion, the visual arts, philosophy, dance, literature and architecture. It opens you to the world of greats such as Voltaire, Molière, Flaubert and Hugo. In addition, French is an official language of the United Nations.

Testimonials of Eszett students taking French classes

See our blog with testimonials of students taking online lessons with Eszett:

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