Polish language classes

How to learn Polish

Practice speaking

Trying to converse in a language is one of the most effective ways of learning it fast. After all, it is how we learnt to speak our own language. Speaking assists with pronunciation, practices memory recall and, as you listen and reply to your Polish teacher, helps you learn words for real-life scenarios. While Poland itself has a population of 39 million, Polish is spoken by a total of 50 million people worldwide. This represents an additional eleven million Polish speaking people around the globe to practise with!

Practice grammar

Similarly to other Slavic languages, such as Russian, Polish grammar has a case system. Modifiers and gender also change words further, while word order tends to follow the reverse pattern of other Western European languages, including English. As Polish grammar can be complex, learning it will require the help of an expert Polish teacher. Nevertheless, once you have mastered the rules, you will be able to speak the language in no time. Furthermore, Poles know how difficult their language is, and so are always impressed by those who make an effort to speak it.

Immerse yourself

In the past, immersing yourself in a language involved moving to another country, enrolling in a language course and pouring over textbooks and audiotapes. Today, with online language lessons becoming the norm, you need not travel any further than your home to begin lessons with a native Polish speaker. Using television series, films, podcasts and YouTube channels, you can continue to practice.

Why learn Polish?

It is a gateway to other languages

Polish belongs to the west Slavic group of languages of the Indo-European language family. It is thus similar to other Slavic languages, including Russian, yet can be read more easily due to the fact its alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet and not the Cyrillic one. Polish vocabulary has also been taken from German, English, Latin and Russian.

Discover Polish culture

Polish culture reflects the country’s rich, thousand-year history. With a myriad of influences, including by Germanic, Hungarian, Latinate, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures, Poland incorporates old traditions with modern life.

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