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Change management coaching

The business environment is ever-changing, thus change management is essential for a successful organisation. Therefore, managers should be prepared to generate and implement changes inside their organisation. If you wish to become a successful change manager, you have to expertise communication skills, both in formal and informal ways.

The course will enable you to negotiate successfully, persuade respectfully and inspire deeply your audience. Equip yourself with the essential professional and personal skills, attitudes and techniques. At the end of the course, you will be able to assist your organisation through the transformation process.

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Leadership coaching

Leaders have a huge responsibility for their organisation. They have to tackle difficult problems and balance among the stakeholders’ needs. As a leader, you always work in the best of your abilities, but sometimes you face new situations that challenge you. Therefore, you must know how to handle those situations.

During the course, you will learn about skills, techniques and attitudes that will help you to maximise your performance! Increasing your leadership skills will have an influence on your whole organisation. The coaching course will assist you to reveal your weaknesses, finds solutions and progress towards your goal.

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Team development coaching

Teamwork and the composition of the team determine the level of success in every project. Successful teams are keen to develop and learn new strategies and methods all the time, but sometimes even great teams need new aspiration and motivation. If you are looking for a course where you can learn the fundamentals of team development, this is your place!

The course will empower you to transform your team to a more successful group. At the end of the course, you will be able to maximise your team’s productivity and make the participants more determined to achieve your goals.

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Conflict coaching

Conflicts arise from time to time, both in our professional and private life. Disagreements are essentials. They serve as a catalyser for further development, but to fully exploit their potential, you need to have some skills! If you wish to acquire the art of negotiation and cooperation to address conflicts, this course is for you!

You will learn the fundamental theories of conflict, besides some conflict resolution techniques. You will have a chance to practice conflict coaching through the activities. Thus, when you will face a challenging conflict, you will have the necessary knowledge and tools to handle it.

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Soft skills coaching

With the expenditure of the education, the value of hard-skills decreased, and employers pay more attention to soft skills. This transformation changed the status quo of the labour market. Now, specific technical skills can become useless. Therefore, it may be more lucrative to improve your soft skills rather obtaining a new certification.

During the course, you will learn about different soft skills and their importance. At the end of the course, you will know the most valuable soft skills. You will have a chance to acquire them. Moreover, to learn how you can master them on your own!

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Negotiation coaching

From family and employment matters, we all have to deal with disputes. You want to exploit the full potential from the situation but at the same time not hurting others? It can be challenging to stay calm, protect your interest when emotions overflow on you. Fortunately, you can easily become an expert in negotiating with a little time and energy investments!

The course will guide you to become an excellent negotiator and impress others with your talent. You will know how to turn disputes into constructive conversations, resolve conflict and stubborn obstacles to transform a deal into a better deal!

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Work-life balance coaching

Nowadays our private life and work-life merged. Technology enables us to be available around the clock to our clients and employers. But we also make private calls during working hours or even we pay our bills between writing emails. Unfortunately, the new working ethic caused more damage and went to the detriment of our health and private life.

The course will assist you to find the balance between your working and private life. Achieving work-life balance beneficiary for everyone! With the course, you can become healthier, more productive and develop some skills that are essential for a balanced life!

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NLP coaching

Have you ever experienced that your anxiety, procrastination or other unconscious behaviours prevent you from achieving your goals? A lot are going on in our unconscious that we wouldn’t think! You want to fully understand your mind and reach breakthroughs in your professional and personal life?

If yes, then the NLP course is your solution! NLP is an approach to rewire your brain to exploit your full potential. The course will assist you to discover your hidden potential! During the course, you will advance communication skills, learn the basics of neurology and achieve a little understanding of the brain’s psychology.

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  • Train the trainer coaching

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  • Career coaching

  • Life coaching

  • Application coaching

  • Start-up coaching

  • Self and time management coaching

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