Change management coaching

What is change management?

Change management is a transformation process inside an organisation that systematically planned. It cooperates with all levels of the organisation if necessary, in order to drive changes that results in positive benefits for the organisation. Change management should lead to profound changes in the organisational structure. Therefore, project managers should tackle the process smoothly and design the change in delicate way.


For who?

The course is designed for anyone interested in change management. Regardless to your previous professional field, you can benefit from the course. If you are working as a team leader or a manager, the incorporated knowledge is fundamental for you. Also, the knowledge can be used in personal life as well. Thus, if you are an innovator or you wish to transform your life, this course is a good match for you! In this course, you will learn about the fundamental elements that influences changes. Moreover, you will know how to leverage those to achieve your goals.


What you will learn?

Change management requires professional and personal skills as well. As a change driver, you have to understand the process and inform the stakeholders about their involvement. The transition phase can be difficult for some segments of the organisation, therefore, understanding the participants’ behaviour is fundamental. The modules will enable you to reveal existing patterns and barriers, to create a smooth transition process.

For this, you must have good strategy and planning skills. Designing an organisation change can be challenging. You need a wide network to gather the necessary amount of information, thus you can reduce the resistance to change. So, you will learn to inspire people and generate collaboration in order to achieve change.

Team management and risk management techniques also incorporated in the course, since change can have an influence on the human resource and financial department of your organisation.

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