Leadership coaching

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching concentrates on the role of the leader. It is a process in order to assist the leaders to develop their capabilities to achieve long term and short-term goals, too. Leadership coaching helps to identify specific skills and competencies that are required to tackle the emerging challenges.


For who?

The course is designed for leaders regardless of their organisational size. Even though you are just leading a team with 5 people or you are at the top of the organisation or you just leading your inner family, the incorporated modules are crucial for you. As a leader, you need to be able to renew your techniques and innovate. If you found yourself in a challenging situation and you struggle with overcoming difficulties that influence your organisation, this course is for you!



What you will learn?

Leadership coaching addresses two different sets of skills. First, your professional skills. Probably, you have high expertise in your profession, but we all have blind spots and new models, techniques are emerging. Recognising your weaknesses is not weakness. During the course, you will learn to critically analyse your professional competencies and extend your knowledge to achieve your goals.

Second, your interpersonal skills. The course has a collection of incorporated modules to develop your interpersonal skills. As a leader, you have to deal with different people, understand the stakeholders’ needs and negotiate and solve conflicts. Leaders always represent their organisation, but they have to do it in a delicately. So, you need excellent communication skills, high emotional intelligence and agile decision-making method.

Also, a good leader needs to understand HR processes and managerial tasks to be authentic and have credibility. Thus, in the course you can expect to learn about effective models to analyse your colleagues’ behaviour and encourage them to actively participate in achieving your organisation’s goal.

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