Negotiation coaching

What is negotiation?

Negotiation is a process when two or more parties aim to create a mutually beneficial outcome to resolve conflicts. In order to achieve this, parties need different soft skills and techniques to understand, analyse and compromise. Some cases, when necessary, third independent parties as a mediator facilitates the process.


For who?

The course is designed for everyone who intents to transform disputes into negotiations and interested in exploiting the full potential from negotiations and compromises. The course is also a perfect solution to you if you are eager to understand your own and others’ dynamics that influences or even obstructs constructive conversations. Also, if you are more ambitious and you wish to become a mediator, this course is a perfect choice to start your journey!



What you will learn?

Negotiation training encompasses three different aspects of the topic. First, understanding the complexity and the depth of the conflicts. During the course, you will learn about the fundamental elements of a conflict. You will understand the different theories underpinning the processes of negotiation and mediation.

Second, you will acquire meditation skills. At the end of the course, you will be able to analyse a conflict and design a negotiation/mediation strategy for a contemporary conflict situation. The incorporated examples will help you to interpret the theories and tools into practice. Meditating skills is another level of negotiation; thus the modules will provide you with the core of meditation skills and enable you to become comfortable with this role.

Finally, a successful negotiation requires successful deal makings. Therefore, you have to learn practical skills and techniques to guide the negotiation into a deal. During these modules, you will learn tactics to generate interest-based negotiation. Moreover, to manage the expanding tension and reduce the stressors and keep the parties at the table.

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