Soft skills coaching

What are soft skills?

Soft skills refer to a variety of personal traits, communication skills, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. These are strongly related to your work ethic; thus, it deeply influences the quality of your work and your interaction with co-workers. Your soft skills support you to not just finish your tasks, but also be a reliable and valuable team player.


For who?

The course is designed for everyone eager to learn about skills that are required in the modern world. Regardless to your professional position, you can be an employer or an employee, the course is for you if you wish to develop your soft skills in order to work, communicate and interact more effectively.





What you will learn?

Soft skills training incorporates the most in-demand soft skills in order to help you to achieve your goals. These are leadership, communication, time management, critical thinking and collaboration. The modules focus on key competencies and traits that are essential for acquiring the above-mentioned skill.

Leadership skill incorporates active listening, empathy and project management, enables you to guide others and generate changes in your circumstances. Communication skill covers strong verbal and written communication, effective articulation and the ability to give constructive feedback. With these traits, the course empowers you to express yourself and induce effective interaction. Time management consists of prioritizing and delegating tasks. Therefore, you will be able to plan and allocate enough time for different tasks. Critical thinking includes reasoning, observing and analysing in order to assess different perspectives. Thus, at the end of the course, you will know to build your conclusion based on your analysation. Finally, collaboration which almost the same as teamwork. It includes active listening, mediation and negotiation competencies, to operate together more effectively.

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