Team development coaching

What is team development?

Team development is performance raising approach. It addresses the development from two aspects. First, from the individual side and second, as a team. Team development helps to clarify the roles and responsibilities. Thus, productivity can be maximised, and pitfalls can be avoided. As a person, who is interested and responsible for team development you need different skills and a deep understanding of organisational work and teamwork.


For who?

The course is designed for anyone interested in improving his/her team’s productivity. You can be a manager or a university student who only aims to manage group work more effectively. During the course your comprehension of group dynamic and behaviour will increase, so you will be able to transform your team into a more productive and successful one.



What you will learn?

Team development includes leadership skills, managerial skills and outstanding communication skills. Even though you are not in a leading position, you take part in the planning process and you have valuable ideas and useful perspective, therefore you need good communication skills. The course will empower you to articulate your opinion and provide feedback.

Managerial skills, such as time management, conflict resolution and critical thinking are also essentials to analyse your group’s working methods. Thus, during the course, you will learn to critically analyse your team’s structure and build a new, more powerful one. This also includes determining the significant roles and responsibilities and nominating the person who has the ability to fulfil the responsibilities.

Finally, team development relies on the participants’ attitude towards progress. Thus, you will learn how to vary leadership and managerial styles to increase the interest in further development. Moreover, to maintain and expand your team’s engagement in achieving your goals. Higher involvement causes higher success!


Eszett Manager

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