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By learning a language, you can speak to whomever you wish. In a globalized world, languages are becoming more important each day and can provide you with opportunities in various areas of life. By learning a foreign language through language training, the student will get to know another culture and could see reality from a different perspective. This may also increase his or her professional stability and gain new friendships.

We offer face-to-face and on-line classes and courses in the following languages:

English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Urdu, Polish, Tagalog, Afrikaans, Amharic, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and others

The language training classes can be private or in groups of up to 4 students. Classes can take place in the student's home, at our school, at another agreed upon location, or even on-line.

Common European Framework of Reference

We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for the learning organization of language classes and courses. This document describes as thoroughly as possible what language a student must learn to meet their goals. Also, to list the knowledge and capacities that they should acquire to be able to apply the language successfully.


We provide the following language training services:

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Language Courses


Our wide range of language courses initially function in the same way as a regular language course. We follow a certain textbook and we work with written exercises and digital media. With a private class, the individual study time is shorter, and thus, time-saving.



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Intensive Courses


Through increased attendance in our intensive courses, you will immerse yourself in the language and accelerate the rate at which you learn considerably. This language training course is ideal for those who need to learn a language quickly or only have time during holidays.



Conversation Classes


We believe that learning a language is not only reading a text, knowing grammatical rules or repeating set phrases. To master a language you must practice it with someone. In order to overcome inhibitions and to obtain true fluency in conversation, it is necessary to have good instruction.



Preparatory Classes for Traveling Abroad


These courses are the perfect survival kit for your trip abroad. Preparatory classes are recommended for people interested in tourism, business or studying abroad. The content of the classes will be oriented toward the student's goal, whether it be an international exchange, a specialization program or working abroad.



Preparatory Classes for Job Interviews


Do you have to do a job interview in English or another language? Do you want to stand out by showing your knowledge of the original language of the company? With our preparatory classes, you will learn language skills to speak about your career and professions. We will also ensure you refresh your basic knowledge through practical interview exercises.



Foreign Language for Children


Did you know that a child can learn up to five languages at a time? Children are able to remember words with clear pronunciation and internalize the different concepts of a language. This makes learning easier in the future.

The teaching method for children is completely different than that of adolescents and adults. To teach children, we use toys, children's books and music.



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Preparatory Classes for Certificates of Proficiency


Would you like to apply for international scholarships, engage in higher education, take a proficiency exam or simply strengthen your CV? These preparatory classes provide all the necessary support for you. You could receive your certificate of proficiency through role-plays and discussions guided by topics and skill levels. The content is effectively demanding and structured to prepare the student to pass the exam.



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