Virtual 3D Meeting Room

3D Virtual Classroom (Virtual 3D Meeting Room)

For language training and business coaching

With Eszett, you can also conduct your language training or business coaching, securely and GDPR-compliant, in Eszett's 3D Virtual Classroom or Meeting Room.

The innovative 3D virtual classroom combines virtual learning with 3D technology, which opens up new opportunities for learning. The participant chooses an avatar, which they can do individually. They can thus complete virtual language training or business coaching from the first-person perspective.

All you need is a PC, laptop or tablet, a webcam and a microphone.


Learning through action

Studies show that people remember 90% of what they do and only 30% of what they see. You can read more about this in our blog article (title, link). You and your team can take advantage of this human trait and other advantages to learn languages ​​or receive coaching.

The idea behind it is learning in virtual environmentent through action. This enables the participants to gain knowledge through active experiences by discovering the office world. This is done in the virtual meeting room, in the auditorium or in the outdoor and relaxation area and it is an excellent change from the classroom.


Learn together in virtual 3D space

Virtual 3D learning includes texts, images, videos, tasks, voice and social emotions and is therefore suitable for every learning style. The digital content, such as MS Office documents, YouTube links, PDFs, websites or screen sharing, can be displayed on small and large media walls.

It is possible to form small groups by assigning separate audio channels to them. In this way, for example, small groups can work on their tasks in the same room without hearing the conversations of the other groups.

It is also possible to regulate interpersonal relationships with social emotions (eg. emoticons attached to the avatars). Herewith Eszett offers you an absolute novelty in the field of 3D Language Taining and 3D Business Coaching.

The 3D virtual classroom training is very suitable for small and large groups, but individual training can also be carried out. As with face-to-face training or live online training, you communicate and interact with other course participants and trainers. A high learning and fun interactive environment is guaranteed.


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