Face-to-face one-on-one language lessons

Face-to-face Personal Language Training

Would you like to learn a foreign language or improve your existing language skills?

Why should I learn another language?

In an increasingly globalised world, knowing more than one language is essential in order to fully exploit the best possible educational and employment opportunities. Language learning is also about more than just being able to understand and converse in a foreign language. The best training will also introduce you to the rich cultures of the countries where the language you are studying is spoken.

What are the advantages of personal lessons?

You will acquire the language quickly

With personalised one-on-one training, you will achieve your learning goals much faster than in a group. Eszett private languages tutors will adapt lessons based on your individual learning style, concentrating on the essential aspects you need to learn based on your personal or professional needs. Lessons can include topics as varied as literature discussion, business vocabulary and intensive speaking practice. Moreover, Eszett teachers are experts in a variety of subjects and can thus help you and your family across a wide range of disciplines.


The flexibility afforded by having your own language trainer ensures lessons can easily fit around your schedule. Language classes can be conducted online, or your personal language trainer will come to your home, company or a location of your choice.

Perfect for all ages

Eszett caters language lessons to all ages. For young children, having a personal tutor may be particularly useful for maintaining concentration and making sure that lessons move at the right pace.

Meet someone new

Eszett teachers are here to help you become fluent in a new language. Heeding your individual requests, offering advice on best practices and providing engaging classes, lessons are designed with you in mind. As Eszett teachers are accustomed to teaching both parents and children, it is not uncommon for them to start to feel like part of the family. Having a good rapport with your teacher is imperative for effective language learning. If for any reason you find that the language teacher is not well-suited to what you are looking for, we will promptly match you with a new one.


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