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What is the Eszett Learning Content Management System?

Training employees, upskilling them so that they are able to complete tasks to the best of their ability and outperform the competition, is the priority of most companies. Eszett understands, however, that company leaders are time poor and cannot always devote themselves to coaching their staff.

Experts in education, Eszett can create bespoke learning modules on demand, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Eszett creates the content, teaching the necessary information using a range of media (including videos and presentations). Once a module has been completed, quizzes and exercises are used to practice what has been learnt for the most effective knowledge retention.  

The learning platform is especially useful for customers that require content specific to an industrial sector or department. Password protected, access can be granted to specific employees or departments.

What are the benefits of using a Learning Content System?


Employees are increasingly accustomed to using the internet to facilitate most of their work needs. Being able to access training online, using interactive content, makes learning easy, practical and fun. Employees are thus more likely to not only complete the training, but remember what they have been taught.

Employee Autonomy

Studies have shown that trusting employees to carry out tasks by themselves is an important contributor to employee satisfaction. The Learning Content Management System allows employees to access the content themselves and independently complete the tasks set for them.

Learning new skills is increasingly in demand

Employees are increasingly looking to their employers to offer them the opportunity to acquire new skills. This is particularly important when attracting the millennial age group, often the age group where turnover is highest. Providing dynamic resources that can be regularly accessed will contribute to employee retention.

The Learning Content Management System (LCMS) includes the following features:


  • Creation of courses by industry/vertical
  • Creation of quizzes for students
  • Off-line interaction between student and trainer
  • Support of SCORM and other formats
  • Media library shared with students
  • Reports
  • Certifications of participation
Eszett's Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

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