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Eszett understands how technology can facilitate educational processes. As a result, we have developed Eszett Manager, a client-server application that allows lessons that take place in-company, in-home or online to be signed for digitally.

How does the application work?

The application is available on iPhone and Android, and is installed on the teacher’s Smartphone/Tablet. At the end of each lesson, the teacher will ask you to sign to confirm that the lesson has taken place. For online language lessons, the teacher will send the student a monthly report and will ask them to confirm these.

What are the benefits of Eszett Manager?

Eszett Manager is an ERP solution that can be implemented for any language school. There are several modules which bring the following benefits.

Real-time tracking of the services provided

With busy schedules, it can be difficult to keep track of progress. With Eszett Manager, you can check progress in real time, seeing how many hours of language lessons have been completed to date, as well as any hours remaining.

Additionally, end customers can be granted with a login and password access to our backend, which allows them to generate reports and manage the programs.

Reduces operation costs

Eszett Manager automates processes, generating reports automatically. The reduction in operation costs is reflected in the competitive prices for the lessons.

Optimises invoicing processes

Automation ensures invoices can be produced quickly and automatically. In addition, no data is input manually, thus reducing the likelihood of human error.

Reduces paper consumption

With no attendance reports to print and scan, the solution is a paperless solution to your learning needs. This assists not only with organisation, but also reduces any potential environmental impact. 

The attendance reports can be generated in pdf automatically.

Teacher schedule management

A additional module can manage the teacher schedule to assign the right teacher to each student.

Screen shots solution


Eszett Manager

Eszett Manager app - installed on teacher's phone

Screenshot 57

Attendance report generated by Eszett Manager


Screenshot 59

Customer access to monitor programs in real time

Data protection

In times of global observation and retention of data by corporates and governments, many people understandably doubt if their data is being optimally protected.

Privacy is important to us. All data of yours processed by Eszett is protected by German law. This law ensures your privacy. Eszett's websites are SSL encrypted and your data is hosted in the Netherlands. Please find here our Eszett Manager Privacy Policy.

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Eszett Manager

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