Virtual Language Classroom- Virtual instructor-led lessons

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is a platform which allows teachers and students to interact in real time, similar to a real classroom, except for the fact that teacher and student are communicating over the internet.

Eszett has developed its own virtual language classroom platform to deliver virtual instructor-led lessons in a fully professional, secure and GDPR-compliant way.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Lessons will suit your schedule

We understand that time outside of work or studies is limited. The flexibility of an online language program provides the opportunity to learn a new skill without you having to move away from your desk.  

Lessons are more interactive

Using the online whiteboard, students can show their teacher their workings in real time. Furthermore, the teacher can more easily incorporate a wide range of media in the lessons, such as videos, songs, pictures and newspapers. The interactive nature of the lessons makes them more engaging for students and thus language learning is more effective. Sharing their screen, the teacher can also navigate the web when required to help elucidate a concept they are teaching.

Improved virtual communication

We live in the digital age, with technology developing at an accelerated rate. There is no escaping the fact that education, like many other fields, will increasingly move online. Eszett’s online learning platform is intuitive, but having a teacher guide you through its functionalities will expose you to technologies many capabilities, improving your own virtual communication.

A more global perspective

Eszett’s online classroom connects you with teachers all over the world, providing you with the opportunity to learn from native speakers without having to travel abroad. Speaking to native speakers who live in a different country to your own will also allow you to learn about a different culture. In a globalised world in which cultural awareness features more and more as part of company policy and leadership strategy, having a better understanding of the world you live in will open more doors to you.   

What are the features of the Eszett virtual classroom?

The features of our state-of-the-art virtual classroom are:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Interface in several languages
  • Great audio/video quality
  • Recording/playing-back audio and video excerpts
  • Download-free (no need to install a plug-in on most browsers)
  • Lesson materials are pre-loaded
  • Toolbox with extensive list of verb conjugations for the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish
  • Class recording
  • Document sharing
  • Scheduling directly by students based on course or instructor availability
  • Attendance reports and learning analytics
  • Class reminders and notifications
  • Homework tasks


What do our students think of the classroom?

  • Our classes are rated as 4 or 5 stars by over 98% of students (January and February 2021)
  • "Fantastic as always. I like the balance between reading, listening, team work and personal chatting".
  • "Interesting lesson today and everything worked perfectly."
  • "Really listened to me and how I wanted to learn, excellent interactive class!"
  • "Excellent class!!! I am excited for the coming classes!!"


Just as with face-to-face training, the content and methodology are adapted to the learner’s needs. The book is either virtual or delivered to the learner by post.


ESZETT’s virtual language classroom

ESZETT’s Virtual Language classroom

The content is uploaded and available to all trainers, so they do not need to share their screens or look for documents in their computer. Additionally, there is a teaching toolbox with conjugations of verbs (8 languages) across multiple tenses.

Toolbox with verb conjugations on ESZETT’s virtual classroom platform

Toolbox with verb conjugations on ESZETT’s virtual classroom platform

Virtual instructor-led lessons

Learners can access ESZETT’s virtual language classroom platform and view the lessons completed. Additionally, they can see the rating the learner has given the trainer, the lesson summary and a class review of each of the lessons, where all the files shared, whiteboard and chat can be reviewed.

Reviewing past lessons-Eszett

Reviewing past lessons

Class review – ESZETT’s virtual language classroom platform

Class review – ESZETT’s virtual language classroom platform

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